Möhling production control: perfectly coordinated and cross-connected for ultimate quality and schedule adherence

FactoryNet production control: Staying “in touch” with millions of connection elements – a snap for Möhling!

An urgent job order requiring immediate attention? No problem for Möhling! Our smart Factory Net system enables us to plan the production processes for all Möhling locations centrally on the computer so that just a few clicks will bring us reliably up to date.

Möhling obtains all relevant production control information from modern process monitoring systems supplied by the BRANKAMP company. These systems not only ensure optimum protection of machines and tools, but they also enable the work preparation team to view the scheduled workload for each machine. Any required changes are automatically applied “on the fly” so that the risk of structural bottlenecks, resource shortages and other constraints can be avoided at any stage of the production process.

PSI control station - the precious heart of our smart manufacturing network.

The PSI control station is our invaluable tool for detailed planning and job control, but also for production implementation and monitoring. The software is capable of detecting and indicating even tiniest deviations from predefined targets so that we can make swift adjustments whenever the need arises. Also, the software enables us to make reliable statements about deadlines and completion dates as well as about the workload and occupancy of each machine.

For Möhling, this ensures more accurate planning.

For Möhling customers, it ensures maximum schedule adherence and impeccable result quality.