From a small family business to a global manufacturing leader: a 180-year success story

In 1843, the Möhling family business was established by Johann Dietrich Möhling senior and his nephew Johann Dietrich Möhling junior. The founders started off with the manufacture of chains. In addition, they purchased so-called metre chains, which they sold after in-house treatment.

The purchase of a steam engine in 1871 allowed the company to expand its product range, and until 1890, the company also operated a wire drawing facility. Furthermore at that time, Möhling manufactured mattress springs, cold and hot pressed rivets and, from 1880 on, also thin chains.

The new century brought even further expansion for Möhling: the product range was enlarged with bifurcated rivets; in 1928, the manufacture of mill-finish screws was added to the range.

Since 1950, Möhling’s focus of activity has been on performing chip-producing and non-cutting finishing operations on bolts manufactured on horizontally working presses. Cold forming technology combined with chip-producing operations continues to the present day to form the “hard core” of Möhling’s range of products and services.

Since 1954, Möhlings production volume of tubular rivets has grown even further thanks to the manufacturing capacity of the then Möhling branch located in Garbeck.

In 1965, the development and production of semi-tubular rivets became a further Möhling focus, followed two years later by the manufacture of impact-extruded parts on multistage presses.