Möhling GmbH & Co. KG has set up a system for reporting (possible) infringements of the law. Only if we receive information about possible or existing infringements can we take action against them and minimize risks, protect the reputation of Möhling GmbH & Co. KG's reputation and safeguard the trust placed in us both internally and externally.

Our goals

We are pursuing various objectives with the installed notification system:

  • Protection of the company and all employees,
  • Compliance with values, guidelines and laws,
  • Combating corruption, white-collar crime and other illegal activities or unethical behavior,
  • Clear statement from management to encourage and support whistleblowers,
  • Compliance with the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG),
  • Enabling whistleblowing independent of time and place and
  • Enabling anonymous whistleblowing.

The whistleblowing system an submission of reports

Reports are received by a specialized company commissioned by us, which will also carry out the necessary internal investigations:

Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit mbH
Körnerstr. 45, 58095 Hagen

GDI mbH will

  • anonymize the tip-off if this is necessary for the protection of the whistleblower or other persons and the whistleblower has not consented to the disclosure of their personal data, and
  • maintain contact with the whistleblower, including to obtain further relevant information, provided that the whistleblower's contact details are available, and
  • initiate and conduct investigations within the company concerned.

We have set up the following options for submitting reports:

  • By post: Anyone can send in information.
  • By telephone: Anyone can submit reports by telephone. A special telephone number has been set up for this purpose, which can be reached on +49 2331 1873672.
  • By e-mail: Reports can also be submitted by e-mail. The e-mail address moehling@gdi-mbh.eu is available for this purpose.
  • In person or by video conference: It is also possible to submit a report in person or by video conference. To make an appointment, you can contact GDI mbH using the above or the general contact details.

Anonymous reports

Anonymization is an important factor in the whistleblowing system, as the possibility of submitting a report without giving one's own name lowers the inhibition threshold. For this reason, reports received via the whistleblowing system are initially anonymized.

However, especially in the case of reports that have already been submitted anonymously, the person submitting the report should ensure that the company concerned and the facts of the case are described as precisely as possible. Only then will the law firm be able to identify the company and investigate and remedy the (suspected) infringement. Please note that in the case of an anonymous report by post, queries are generally not possible and further clarification of the facts may be made more difficult.

Response times and feedback

If the contact details are available, the GDI will confirm receipt within seven days at the latest. The whistleblower will receive feedback on the outcome of the investigation and the measures taken no later than three months after receipt of the report, provided that this does not prevent any measures from being taken.

After receipt of the tip-off

GDI mbH evaluates the content of the report and assesses whether an internal investigation is necessary. The internal investigation and the determination of further facts will be carried out by GDI mbH on our behalf. In the process, documents are reviewed and, if necessary, parties involved are interviewed. Once the investigation has been completed, the necessary and appropriate measures are derived and reported to the management. The management decides on implementation.

Other reporting offices

The establishment of a reporting office in accordance with our Whistleblowing Directive is not intended to restrict the possibility of directly informing the competent federal and state authorities. The Federal Office of Justice is also responsible for receiving reports under the HinSchG. Reports can be made electronically, in writing, by telephone or in person to the federal government's external reporting office. The Federal Reporting Office can be contacted in person on site, by telephone, by e-mail or online at Federal Office of Justice, External Reporting Office of the Federation, 53094 Bonn, +49 228 99410-6644, hinweisgeberstelle@bfj.bund.de, www.bundesjustizamt.de.