Perfectly equipped for the manufacture of complex tool elements

Experts at toolmaking – this is what many businesses claim to be. So what makes Möhling stand apart from the competition?

Top-notch toolmaking at Möhling is a comprehensively integrated and thus smoothly flowing process:

Since we attach prime importance to short distances and direct communication, our well-coordinated development, design and toolmaking teams can perfectly interact with each other in the best interest of our clients. Our comprehensive range of state-of-the-art toolmaking machinery ensures flexible implementation of innovative designs and provides short-term response options, thus allowing customer needs and requirements to be accommodated along the process chain, from the client’s vision to the project’s completion.

Even the most exacting of challenges will get us into “top form”:

Leading-edge CAD/CAM systems seamlessly interfaced with high-precision toolmaking machinery enable us to create and manufacture even highly sophisticated tool elements in-house and within short lead times. 40 expertly qualified Möhling staff members are committed to infusing their combined know-how into each part of the process.